About Us

About Us

Welcome to Brinley Jo’s! My name is Brooke Lassiter, I am the owner and creator of Brinley Jo’s. I have always wanted to dabble in the retail world but never could quite figure out my niche. That is until my second daughter, Brinley Jo, came along. 

I started my journey as a single mom at the age of 19. Did the whole college thing and ended up becoming a CMA at a Pediatric Doctor’s office. For close to 10 years it was just Addison (11 year old daughter) and I until I met the man of my dreams. We had Brinley Jo a year later and quickly became a family of four. God had finally given me the family I’ve always prayed about. 

I quickly knew Miss Brinley Jo was going to be a little model. She has a personality like no other and piercing blue eyes. I wanted to be able to put her in bamboo with vibrant colors and beautiful designs that would make her personality shine but could not find anything I liked that was affordable on the market. I began researching about creating my own designs and soon after Brinley Jo’s bamboo clothing was born. 

I hope to bring you jaw dropping custom designs! I want my customers to have one-of-a-kind bamboo clothing! I will always strive to be more than just “another bamboo shop.” Your feedback and opinions are valued and you will always be put first as a Brinley Jo’s customer! Thank you for being here and I hope you continue to be a part of the Brinley Jo’s family! 

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